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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below

please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

  • Q :
  • Do you bring pianos to events?

  • A :

  • Yes.

    We combine top-notch piano shells with fantastic sounding digital keyboards for the look and sound of acoustic grand pianos without the hassle and expense.  This allows us to set up a piano in any location with a flat surface and access to power.  Want a piano on the beach?  On a golf course?  No problem!  Rarely does the audience notice that they aren't "real" pianos.  They'll typically approach our setup at the end of the party and say "You weren't playing a 'real' piano? Amazing!"

  • Q :
  • I really think I'd like to have an acoustic piano at my event.  Is that possible?

  • A :

  • It is possible, but we feel it is our duty to inform you of the following:

    While a well-made and responsibly maintained acoustic piano is a thing of beauty, it does come with the above-mentioned hassle and expense.

    Renting and then moving an acoustic piano costs several hundred dollars.  The piano must then be re-tuned once it has been delivered to the venue, as the moving process invariably torques it, wrenching it out of tune.

    Miking an acoustic piano can be a complicated endeavor.  For audiences of more than a few people, the piano must be amplified and the microphones used to do so will often introduce problems with aural feedback.  The audio signal of the piano will then have to be EQ'ed for that particular space.

    For these reasons, we HIGHLY recommend that you use our trusted shell and keyboard combination.

  • Q :
  • But I have a wonderful piano in my living room / at my country club / in the wine cellar on my submarine, and I want all my party guests to see how beautiful it looks and sounds.  Can't you use it so I don't incur the expense of having you transport and set up your piano shell?

  • A :

  • We'd be happy to use your piano if

    a) it is an instrument of reasonable quality

    b) you maintain it in a climate-controlled environment

    c) it receives regular tunings

    d) all the keys and pedals are in working order

    e) you are not in the habit of placing vases or picture frames on top of it

    Please understand that we don't want to be rude or difficult, but pianos are very multi-faceted and nuanced creations, and we want your party to be as fantastic as it can be for YOU.

  • Q :
  • Okay.  So what exactly is a piano shell?

  • A :

  • A piano shell is the outer "furniture" part of the piano without the inner parts: keys, hammers, strings, plate, pins, pin block, sound board, dampers, and pedals.

    With the recent advent of portable digital keyboards, piano shells were conceived and manufactured to work with these keyboards to provide the best of the classic and modern worlds.  As stated above, an acoustic piano that stays in a living room or concert hall is a wonderful thing, but a piano that is made to constantly travel is an ornery high-maintenance hassle.  A typewriter will allow you to type a letter, but a laptop is probably a better tool for that job in 2013.

    Our shells are professionally fabricated and have a beautiful high-gloss black finish.  They are classy and substantive.  They provide a focal point around which your guests can gather.  They can support the weight of a person sitting or standing on them.  We think they are the way to go.